Authors L.V.Moskovchenko, V.A.Tupikov, V.A.Pavlova, S.N.Krjukov, M.V.Sozinova
Month, Year 03, 2014 @en
Index UDC 004.932.2
Abstract In the article it is discussed the technology of forming algorithms for automatic target recognition(ATR) for small-size systems of object pointing. Given the general performance characteristics of the created ATR system. Suggested the ATR and target tracking algorithms for ground stationary and naval targets. The global problem for creating the automatic target recognition algorithms for any kind of targets both ground stationary and mobile naval is the problem of standards generation giving the high probability of recognition in the conditions of big variability of daily and seasonal illumination. In given work it is suggested for ground stationary targets recognition on the first stage to use contour standards, not depending from illumination variability. The very search of the target suspect object is realized with the help of so called distant gray-level images, created from contour representation of current initial image. On the second stage of recognition the analysis of all suspect objects is performed by original correlation algorithm. The detected target is tracked down with special original binary correlation algorithm. For mobile naval targets (flight boats) recognition it is suggested to use the feature vector not depending from the illumination levels and variability. The attributes which used are following: contrast of the target relative to background, the background texture, geometrical boat adjectives such as aspect ratio. The detected target is then tracked down using original feature algorithm.

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Keywords Small-size system of object pointing; automatic target recognition algorithms.
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