Authors V.V. Soloviev, A.Ya. Nomerchuk, M.E. Denisenko
Month, Year 05, 2014 @en
Index UDC 620.9
Abstract In this paper is made the analysis of methods for assessing stability control systems with fuzzy controllers. The method analysis of stability systems is considered with the nonlinearity lying in sector, limited the first and third quadrants of coordinate system. On an example is shown the inefficiency of application this method for the adaptive fuzzy regulator because possibility drift the output characteristic the adaptive fuzzy regulator out of limits the first and third quadrants of coordinate system in the adaptation process. The technique of synthesis control systems is considered with the adaptive fuzzy regulator and the stabilizing regulator, not allowing an output of object to go beyond the tolerance range. The block diagram of system is provided reflecting the inclusion of adaptive and stabilizing controllers. The technique of synthesis the stabilizing regulator is shown for nonlinear objects with parametrical uncertainty and additive control. Control law and the function of stabilizing switching regulator is defined using Lyapunov function. The sequence of synthesis steps stabilizing controller is shown. Model experiment is given for unstable object with parametrical uncertainty.

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Keywords Adaptive fuzzy control; stability; stabilizing controller.
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