Authors Yu.A. Zargaryan, E.V. Zargaryan, A.D. Korinets, E.S. Artiuhov
Month, Year 05, 2014 @en
Index UDC 681.5
Abstract This article describes the performance of the controller, which represent a comprehensive assessment, containing in itself the conditions of accuracy and reliability are among the key requirements for operating the controller. If one of these, or proper assessment of it can lead to a complete or partial failure of an automatic system recovery time loss and damage. This situation brought to the first requirement to ensure high reliability of technical devices (eg , regulators) and radically changed the concept of their quality. Reliability acts as a guarantee given accuracy regulator, which should be provided by finding the parameters in a certain area within a specified time of operation. The value of this estimate depends not only on the structure of the controller and the quality of its elements, but also on the selected criteria and the value of their numerical values. During the operation is necessary to meet with a number of unaccounted for and uncontrolled factors related to the working conditions of the controller, with different forms of its maintenance and so on. Therefore, the process occurring in the controller during this period, by its nature is random. Given the task of ensuring the accuracy of the controller to the required time, instability in the parameters of its elements is very important.

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Keywords Regulator; automatic control systems; criteria; reliability; accuracy.
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