Authors S.L. Belyakov, M.L. Belyakova, A.V. Bozhenyuk, M.N. Savelyeva
Month, Year 05, 2014 @en
Index UDC 51-74
Abstract We consider the problem of optimizing flows in mechanical transport system by rational choice routing strategy. Peculiarity of the problem lies in the fact that we are considering complex of factors, time-dependent exploitation of system. It is assumed that there is a as a change properties of the system and the properties of transported cargo. Optimization process is based on expert knowledge. Assumed that the expert observing the behavior of the system shows his experience by allocating in the transport system subsystems with a specific behavior. Each subsystem is stable temporal characteristics of transportation. Optimization strategy uses algorithms to fixed and dynamic routing. To create routing tables is proposed to use the model of fuzzy temporal hypergraph. We consider fixed and dynamic routing behavior under uncertainty mechanical transport system. It is proposed to modify Dijkstra"s algorithm for the case of a fuzzy temporal hypergraph. Concludes that the evolutionary development of this class of systems as they gain experience of their operation.

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Keywords Mechanical transport system; fixed routing; dynamic routing; fuzzy temporal hypergraph; Dijkstra's algorithm.
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