Authors N.K. Poluyanovich
Month, Year 06, 2014 @en
Index UDC 681.513
Abstract In work the analysis of the scheme of power part of the converter 4q-S with pulse management is given, at food traction drives from a single-phase contact network of an alternating voltage. The mathematical description of the scheme and processes 4q-S the converter is provided. The algorithm of management is presented by transistors, at widths-but-pulse modulation of tension of the inverter. It is shown that the operating mode "consumption" or "return" of active power depends only on a shift corner ψ between the modulating tension and tension on a secondary winding of the transformer. The algorithm of receiving ShIM of signals of management of the inverter is described. The equations allowing to define all variables, both in a chain of constant tension, and in a chain of alternating current 4q-S the converter are given. Modeling is executed and the received charts of currents and tension in modes of transmission of energy in a chain of alternating current and in a mode of consumption of energy from a chain of alternating current are analyzed. Use 4q-S the converter solves problems: transformations of single-phase tension of a contact network to the stabilized constant tension; maintenance of a sinusoidal form of current of a contact network; ensuring operation of the drive with the set power factor of a network; return of energy to a network when braking.

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Keywords 4q-S converter; traction electric drive; energy recovery.
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