Authors A.I. Mikov
Month, Year 06, 2014 @en
Index UDC 004.652.8; 510.643
Abstract The system of concepts and relationships for documents is proposed and formalized, both general and establishing certain norms. Sets of norms are studied from the information systems design point of view. Local and global norms are distinguished. Incompleteness of normative systems are took note. Among them, the notions of equivalence of documents (identity, equal strength), the original documents and copies, the edition, the document form, an abstract document system, duplication , abrogation and the regulatory document framework. The relation of document creation is constructed. Document structures are described. The systems of axioms describing the properties of introduced relations are developed. The formulas of the axioms use both classical and deontic logics. A dynamic graph is introduced as a mathematical model of a system of documents. Operations on systems of documents are introduced. Hierarchical systems of documents are defined. Within the class of documents the set of regulatory documents is distin-guished such that each document has own normative base. The algorithm for a search of the regulatory framework for a document is proposed. The presentation of the theory is accompanied by examples. The introduced system of notions, relations and axioms for normative documents allows to construct mathematical models for sets of interconnected documents in the subject area and to conduct its logical analysis during information system design process.

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Keywords Ontology; document form; normative document; hierarchical system; deontic logic.
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