Authors E.R. Muntyan, M.Yu. Polenov, A.I. Kostyuk
Month, Year 06, 2014 @en
Index UDC 004.42
Abstract In paper is considered the description of the program environment used at management decision in higher education institutions. The given software is developed at the Department of Computer Engineering of Engineering-Technological Academy of the Southern Federal University (SFedU). The source data for created software are the department’s faculty list and appropriate academic load. The developed environment allows to automate generation of the individual academic load, presented in XML-format, which can be transformed further to an excel-format file. The synthesized algorithm of academic staff load calculation includes all types of load used in SFedU now; however a content of database tables could be changed or supplemented easily according to requirements of department or university. The environment is inexpensive and functional package with friendly user interface and detailed manual, which intended for usage in different departments of higher education institutions.

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Keywords Individual academic load; software environment; automation.
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