Authors B.V. Chernikov
Month, Year 06, 2014 @en
Index UDC 004.512.4; 004.912
Abstract Unauthorized access to the information contained in text documents, allows retrieving the necessary data, which can be used for other purposes. In this regard, the purpose of research is finding of effective technology for protection of information contained in text documents. Analysis of the structure and content of text documents which accompany the production activity of organizations and enterprises shows that most of these documents can be classified as slightly formalized. Objectives of the study are the development and experimental testing of information security technologies for slightly formalized text documents. The article describes the essence of the information security technology based on the use of lexicological synthesis. Experimental verification of the proposed method for protecting information shows the practical impossibility of unauthorized restoration of text documents in the absence of access to the lexicological tree. This feature is especially important when documents are stored or transmitted over communication channels. An additional advantage of the technology is the ability to recover not the content only but also the form of the transmitted document on the address side.

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Keywords Lexicological synthesis; slightly formalized document; lexicological tree; reference word; sequence of indexes.
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