Authors A.S. Grishchenko
Month, Year 06, 2014 @en
Index UDC 004.62
Abstract The work proposes an approach that solves the problem of low performance in structure-independent database. The processes of creating user’s structure and data manipulation in structure-independent database are dynamic transition between states. To display transition of these processes mechanisms are proposed. Creating user’s structure and data manipulation mechanisms of well-established databases to for specific tasks solving were created. The article presents the relational database mechanisms. Criteria on the basis of the evaluated mechanisms were formulated. During their analysis, the relation between high performance and interpenetration property was found. The proposed approach is to present in the form of mechanisms the processes of creating user’s structure and data manipulation in structure-independent database and show that interpenetration presents in them. The result of the article is the construction of new mechanisms for structure-independent database, which is built according to the criteria.

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Keywords Structure-independent database; performance; mechanism; interpenetration.
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