Authors O.К. Evseev, S.M. Gushansky, V.F. Guzik
Month, Year 08, 2011 @en
Index UDC 681.3.06:530.145.001.57
Abstract Creating algorithms for quantum computing requires the ability to verify their results through the use of physical or mathematical models of quantum computer. Mathematical models are available to any developer, but their efficiency is too low to simulate the register with volume more than 12 bits. This article describes the structure and algorithms of developed 2-level model of increased efficiency. The enhanced algorithms for permutation of q-bits and QuIDD-graph synthesis by removing the bits of index of original matrix elements are proposed. The direction for further optimization for QuIDD techniques are defined.

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Keywords Quantum computation; simulation; q-bit; QuIDD graph; matrix; state vector; tensor product; operator; efficiency.
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