Authors O.B. Lebedev
Month, Year 07, 2011 @en
Index UDC 681.325
Abstract In work the method of the decision of a problem of global routing on the basis of ant algorithm is considered. Taking into account features of a problem of global routing the modified mechanisms of behaviour of ants and structure of space of decisions in which frameworks the search process which is based on modeling of adaptive behaviour of an ant colony is organized are developed. Distinctive feature of the presented algorithm of global trace, that is, the ant colony is broken on clusters and search of the concrete decision of a problem of a covering is carried out by collective of ants clusters. The basis of behaviour of an ant colony is made by the self-organizing providing achievements of overall aims of a colony on a basis of interaction inside clusters and between clusters. Experimental researches were spent on IBM PC. In comparison with existing algorithms improvement of results is reached.

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Keywords Swarm intelligence; ant colony; adaptive behaviour; self-organizing; global routing; opti- mization.
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