Authors A.M. Svetlichnyi, O.B. Spiridonov, L.G. Linets, A.S. Kolomiytsev, V.A. Smirnov, E.Y. Volkov
Month, Year 04, 2011 @en
Index UDC 6 2 1 .3 5
Abstract The problems of the technology of porous layers of silicon carbide (SiC) for the gas-sensitive sensors. The aim of the work is the investigation of technological conditions of porous silicon carbide fabrication paying attention on the influence of based material characteristics on the structure of obtained layers of porous silicon carbide. Chosen conditions like current density and time of anodization are explained. Peeling of porous layers which were created at a current density of 20 and 40 mA/cm2 is detected. The formation of porous SiC layers is reasonable to carry out at a current density of 10 mA/cm2. The existence of two porous layers is detected at the density of 40 mA/cm2.

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Keywords Silicon carbide; porosity; electrochemical etching; scanning electron microscopy (SEM).
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