Authors V.A. Vanidovsky, O.B. Lebedev
Month, Year 07, 2014 @en
Index UDC 681.325
Abstract The problem of two-dimensional Strip Packing (1.5 DBP). As a data structure, carrying information about the package, the sequence of numbers used rectangles representing the order of their placement. An important role in obtaining solutions plays a decoder performing stacking rectangles rules laid down in it. New mechanisms for solving the problem of packaging, using mathematical methods, which lays down the principles of the natural mechanisms of decision-making. In this paper, as the basic structure of the decoder selected heuristics Floor Seiling No Rotation (FCNR). To build the decoder and the code sequence used modification heuristics (FCNR) and metaheuristics based on simulation of adaptive behavior of an ant colony. Unlike the canonical paradigm ant ant algorithm to find solutions to the graph G = (X, U) is constructed with a partition on the route of the formation and on the tops within each part, subgraphs whose edges are delayed pheromone. The structure of the graph search for solutions, the procedure of finding solutions on the graph ways pheromone deposition and evaporation. We use a cyclic (ant-cycle) method of ant systems. Experimental studies were carried out on IBM PC. The time complexity of the algorithm (ICA), experimentally obtained, practically coincides with the theoretical studies and for the considered test problems is (ICA ≈ O (n2)). Compared with existing algorithms to improve the results achieved by 2–3 %.

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Keywords Two-dimensional strip packing; swarm intelligence; ant colony; adaptive behavior; optimization.
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