Authors V.N. Gridin, G.D. Dmitrevich, D.A. Anisimov
Month, Year 07, 2014 @en
Index UDC 004.94
Abstract Urgent problem in the field of information technology is the decentralization of the architecture of CAD by moving to distributed systems design, built on top of Internet technology, the goal of communication and information exchange between applications. Such independently managed applications are self-contained and can interact with each other in the process of implementation of the general problem. Internet Protocols and technologies represent a solid basis for the binding of subsystems and require coordinated use of resources in different network nodes, which greatly simplifies the process of constructing and operating a distributed CAD. The main requirement for the feasibility of such a distributed system is the consistency of the interfaces through which the individual subsystems are connected. In fulfilling this requirement of individual components distributed CAD can be created and maintained by different developers at different sites, where they will be shipped (perhaps on a commercial basis) to consumers. The most effective method of combining subsystems in a distributed application should be considered organization of the remote procedure call based on service-oriented architecture using web services.

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Keywords Computer-aided design; web technology; ser-bismuth-oriented architecture; distributed systems; web services.
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