Authors V.V. Lisyak, N.K. Lisyak
Month, Year 07, 2014 @en
Index UDC 658.512.2.011.5
Abstract There are reviewed software products for PLD-based (FРGА, programmable logic) electronic devices design using large set of processor cores, VHDL-input of a project and VHDL-modeling for many types of programmable integrated circuits. The article includes data up to 2013 and contains information about CAD products represented in Russia. In the general case formalization of structure synthesis procedures is a complex problem, which is why for its effective realization special-purpose programs focused on limited class of designed circuits is actually used [1]. Microprocessors and memory circuits, full-custom and semi-custom VLSI, including programmable logic devices (PLD) have their own characteristic features in design and production technologies. These features determine differences in circuit design methods and require reflection in applied ECAD mathematical and software tools. The work contains short review of software products in the fields of PLD-based electronic devised design (FPGA, programmable logic) focused on circuit level design with following data transfer to programs for production of printed circuits boards and PLD; debugging of processor cores on the source code level; сreation of projects on chips from all leading manufacturers with easy transfer from chosen chip to another one; logical and physical synthesis of high-performance PLD of CPLD and FPGA types.

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Keywords Programmable logic; structure synthesis; programmable gate array; programmable logic device; processor core.
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