Authors A.I. Kostyuk, M.Yu. Polenov, V.A. Lukyanov, E.R. Muntyan
Month, Year 07, 2014 @en
Index UDC 004.42
Abstract The paper describes the model developed for a centralized control system of smart house, which aims to centralize entire system and simplify its installation and adjustment. The authors studied the common problems of existing smart house systems and offered solution using a hypervisor, and also examined the possibility of reducing the cost of such solution. Some experiments were made for the checking of possibility of hypervisor deploying on different PCs configurations. In paper are considered the software for implementation of smart house virtual environment, and is made the choice of the software package for the hypervisor. As a result was made the model that solves all tasks and allows to expand functionalities of house control system. Possibilities of the house’s structured cable system usage and creation of several connections to Internet with various filters are considered also. The developed model can be adapted both for individual and for apartment houses.

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Keywords Smart house; control system; model of system; hypervisor.
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