Authors S.N. Nikolsky, I.F. Surgenko
Month, Year 07, 2014 @en
Index UDC 681.322
Abstract In the current research in the theory of information systems, approach using the concept of ontology, as an organized set of concepts, is developed. This led to ontological approach, as development of conceptual-oriented point of view on the solution of the problem of computerization of information systems. The practical value of ontological approachto the solution of the problem of computerized information systems development is that the ontology defines the conceptual design environment in which the process of synthesis of automation object model will be constructed. Such environment must be universal in sense that it is maximum independent in relation to the choice of the specific automation object. The development of ontological approach needs the solution of such questions as the place of ontologies in the solution of automation problem, analysis of the structure of ontologies and their link with logical and linguistic point of view on the structure of information system. The purpose of article is the study of automation problem and its link with metamodeling. Essential problem consist in construction of model of automation process in the form of modeling system and in the choice of information systems that correspond to cybernetic point of view on natural intellect. It is shown that application of automation scheme to information modeling system leads to the set of metamodels.

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Keywords Automation; ontological approach; information modeling system; model of concept; conceptual metamodels.
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