Authors M.V. Lutsan, E.V. Nuzhnov
Month, Year 07, 2014 @en
Index UDC 658.512
Abstract Genetic approach of three-dimension packing problem in the container is being considered in the article and modified genetic algorithm (GA) for loading container using pallets and also modified genetic algorithm for container loading with palletizing. Three dimension packing problem of different-sized elements is a task which appears in many areas of industry and linked to tasks of optimal loading of space such as ship holds loading, train wagons, pallets, cargo planes, warehouse management. Three-dimension packing is NP-hard problem that does not have exact solution in polynomial time [1]. There are approximate algorithms to solve problems that kind which do optimal or close to optimal solutions. Besides packing itself, there is important stage to identify right sequence of locating packed blocks. This is actual for automated and not automated loading-unloading of containers. Also it is very important for transport terminals to solve palletizing task where blocks are packed on pallets and pallets are packed into containers.

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Keywords Three-dimension packing; container terminal; pallet; palletizing.
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