Authors Ya.E. Romm, D.A. Chabanyuk
Month, Year 07, 2014 @en
Index UDC 681.3:007
Abstract Was described method of comparing words numeric and string type using the vertical processing. The method is constructed on the basis of the discharge parallelization of algebraic addition of binary numbers and applied to sorting algorithms, as well as the merger of strings as an information search step. Presented by the original method was bit by bit parallel addition without calculating transfer in bit code of the sign modification for by bit parallel comparison of numbers and strings. To perform algebraic addition without calculating a reverse transfer binary negative numbers and given additional code modification, eliminating the calculation of transfer. When comparing string elements all word characters encoded binary numbers in ASCII-code set of binary characters per word is interpreted as a binary number in a positional number system. When comparing by algebraic addition of the numbers they are aligned to the senior class. Inclusion in the method of comparing parallel algorithms for sorting and merging increases the maximum depth parallel to the ideal level parallelism comparisons of words and at the same time based on the level of operations. The method of allocation was the senior non-zero sign bit in the word, the resulting comparison. The method includes algorithmic and schematics, providing maximum bit parallelization. Additionally there was the problem of occurrence of a substring in a string. Was synthesized parallel search algorithm for the maximum occurrence of a substring in a string. Estimates are given for the time complexity, in particular the maximum parallelism occurrence of a substring in search string characterized by the time complexity O(1), regardless of the number of characters per string. Examples are algorithms and schemes implementation of the proposed method.

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Keywords Bit by bit-parallel addition without calculating transfer; bit code of the sign; Bit by bit-parallel comparison of numbers and strings; parallel sorting and searching; time complexity.
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