Authors Boumediene Kamel, Amar Benasser, Daniel Jolly
Month, Year 01, 2010 @en
Index UDC 628.518:539.6
Abstract As shown by many works and studies, the traffic flow control remains the best and the efficient solution of the congestion problems. The ramp metering is a means to reduce congestion effects, it has shown his effectiveness to improve the flow and consequently to reduce the Total Time Spent by the vehicles in the network (TTS). In this article, we have defined a new local ramp metering control in order to respect constraints on density and queue length at the vicinity of the on-ramp and at the on- ramp, respectively. The idea is to express the control variable (the metering rate) according to the output (density or queue length at the on-ramp). The aim of the control is to keep the density in the segment where the on-ramp is connected below a density (called the target density yT ) for which we have the lowest TTS with the constraint that the queue length at the on-ramp do not exceed a maximum value. In order to evaluate the controller’s efficiency and applicability, a comparison is made with traditional ALINEA based controller. We illustrate this approach by comparing the cases ’no control’ and ’ramp metering’ for a simple network.

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Keywords METANET model; Ramp Metering; Target density; maximum queue length.
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