Authors I.M. Pershin, G.E. Veselov, M.I. Pershin
Month, Year 08, 2014 @en
Index UDC 28;50
Abstract We consider the important issue of building control systems parameters gidrolitosfernyh processes. This is a problem in recent years, gaining in importance, as is aimed at the preservation of the most important natural resursa-mineral waters. Geological features, as opposed to technical, have a number of features. Their structure is usually known to the end. The study requires a significant investment, and follow the whole process of operation of the deposit. Development plan deposits, mandatory study provides rational modes of operation. The article examines the construction of the control system parameters Kislovodsk mineral water. A mathematical model of the considered fields and methods of synthesis of distributed controllers using the qualitative theory. According to the qualitative theory, the roots of the original object (system) should be placed in a circle of a given radius centered at the given point. The paper presents the study of the influence of parameters considered in the range of static characteristics of the open-loop system. Our procedure for synthesis of distributed control systems can be successfully applied, and other industries. It is shown that the design of control systems gidrolitosfernymi processes primary function is to ensure technological and environmental safety manual hydromineral base and the region.

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Keywords Gidrolitosfernye processes; methods of synthesis; distributed control systems.
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