Authors S.A. Sklyarov
Month, Year 08, 2014 @en
Index UDC 681.51
Abstract This paper explores the problem of synthesis of synergetic control of a group of mobile robots. To solve this problem in article presents new approach to control of a group of mobile robot based on principals and methods of synergetic control theory. The task of the synergistic synthesis of control of a group of quadrocopters is considered with the analysis of mathematic model and specifics of the specified aim. In the theory of synergetic control the set of criteria for the control system is usually expressed in the form of an appropriate system of invariants. Invariants play the role of control objectives, they enforced a given technological problem, and the synergetic synthesis procedure reduces to process of finding control laws, which these given invariants are satisfied. At this paper as imposed condition on synthesized control law, serve an asymptotically stable movement of a group of mobile robots with specified type of formation.

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Keywords Group control; quadrocopter; mathematical model; synergetic control theory.
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