Authors A.A. Sklyarov, S.A. Sklyarov
Month, Year 08, 2014 @en
Index UDC 681.51
Abstract This paper presents a new approach to quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle control in environment with undefined external perturbation. The quadcopter is chosen as controlled object because among the others this type of UAV is the most maneuverable, designed to work in closed spaces and designed to operate in urban environment. The undefined perturbation, for example, a strong windflaw, are always effect on quadcopter in flight, thus in this paper examines the analysis of the dynamic model of quadrotor UAV which takes into account the external perturbation. For synthesis of nonlinear synergistic control of the quadcopter was applied the method of analytics construction of aggregated regulators with integral adaptation. The synthesized control algorithm is invariant to piecewise constant external perturbations, the worst type of perturbations, which arise in quadcopter flight.

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Keywords Mobile robot; quadrocopter; perturbation; adaptive control; synergetic control theory.
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