Authors V.V. Khashkovsky, A.N. Shkurko
Month, Year 08, 2014 @en
Index UDC 004.67
Abstract This paper discusses the current approaches to the organization of processing large amounts of data on an example of the integrated systems of leading manufacturers of modular and ISV solutions. The main attention is paid to the methods for the preparation and sources of information for data processing systems. The basic methods and sources of background information and a brief description of them is given. The main stages of information processing systems, data mining, ranging from direct information before forming a final conclusion on the results of the analysis. For the main processing steps are presented examples of existing software systems that implement the required functionality. We also consider some of the approaches to the characterization of documents and examples of software systems that implement these approaches. To study the documents shows the main parameters of documents on which the analysis is conducted. In conclusion we consider about the state of the market business intelligence systems in Russia and the prospects for their adaptation and implementation.

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Keywords Big data; data mining; text mining; machine learning; classification.
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