Authors A.V. Bykov
Month, Year 09, 2014 @en
Index UDC 621.38
Abstract Many different methods have been developed to study the surface of solids with high spatial, one of which is atomic force microscopy. The analysis of design and technological features of the cantilevers – probes for atomic force microscopy has been carried out. A typical process of cantilever manufacturing has been presented. Various types of beam deflection logon system are considered: optical, capacitor, piezoelectric and pyezorezistivny, contact and tunnel. Their advantages and disadvantages have been highlighted. There were presented Values data design of industrial cantilever with optical system of registration, value of resonant frequencies and coefficient of the console rigidity. The information on the main international suppliers(Nanonics Imaging Ltd (Israel), JSC NT-MDT (Russia), Veeco Probes (USA), BudgetSensors (Bulgaria), Nanosensors (Switzerland), Nano and More GmbH (Germany), Nano World (USA)) has been provided. By results of the carried out analysis, the conclusions on expediency of design optimization for the required cantilever technique of atomic force microscopy have been made.

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Keywords Silicon cantilever; bulk micromachining; sensor read-out methods; atomic force microscopy.
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