Authors Samoilichenko E.A., Semunina N.S.
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Month, Year 02, 2008 @en
Index UDC 573.6.086.83:002
Abstract This report provides an introduction to inertial navigation and the characteristics of inertial navigation systems. The techniques that are of interest for positioning systems can be divided into three main areas:  Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Local radio-based positioning systems, Dead-reckoning and inertial navigation systems.

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Keywords Satellite,  navigation, radio-based systems, positioning, high tech, digital signal processing.
References 1. Rantakokko J., Hдndel P., Eklцf F., Boberg B., Junered M., Akos D., Skog Is., Bohlin H., Neregеrd F., Hoffmann F., Andersson D., Stenumgaard J. and P. Positioning of emergency personnel in rescue operations, – technical report, Stockholm, juli 2007-07-02.
2. Oliver J. Woodman «An introduction to inertial navigation», August 2007.

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