Authors S.A. Vilov, I.N. Didenkulov, A.I. Mart’yanov, N.V. Pronchatov-Rubtsov
Month, Year 10, 2014 @en
Index UDC 534.29
Abstract The work is devoted to an experimental verification of a method using the difference frequency Doppler Effect to determine a blood velocity. This method is based on simultaneous action of two high-frequency primary acoustic waves with closed frequencies on bubbles and registration of the scattered by bubbles acoustic field at the difference frequency. Advantages of this method application in medical diagnosis problems in comparison with using of the linear Doppler Effect are described. The theoretical conclusion of the basic equations based on the physical properties of an air bubble defining communication between the movement speed of a bubble and frequency shift of the signal disseminated by it in relation to frequencies of rating waves is given. The experiment conducted by authors, confirming the received theoretical equations, as well as the ability of the method to be applied in medical diagnostics and in technical applications on measurement of flow velocities in liquids with strong sound attenuation is described. It is shown that the Doppler spectrum form depends on bubble concentration velocity distribution in the primary acoustic beams crossing zone that allows one to measure the flow velocity distribution. Disadvantages of the method and prospects of further research in this field are discussed.

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Keywords Non-linear scattering; blood velocity; Doppler Effect.
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