Authors V.S. Plaksienko, A.S. Sidenkov, I.V. Khadyka
Month, Year 11, 2014 @en
Index UDC 621.396.94
Abstract The optimal processing features of discrete signals in conditions of considerable a priori information uncertainty about the signals parameters in situations where you can use only energy reception are considered. The aim of this research is to determine the basic statistical characteristics of the transformed processes after their time-structured linear-logic processing, the comparison of obtained results with the characteristics of the original process, not exposed to processing. It is shown that if the processes envelopes in the channels of the processing is distributed according to the Rayleigh distribution, which is typical for cases of strongly fluctuating signals, the result of such processing increases the difference between the mathematical expectations of the processes and expands the range of the frequency spectrum. It is established that the difference between the second initial moments increases significantly as well, that is, power of the processes in the channels after their linear-logic processing- processing by the method of mutual transformation. It worsens the conditions of distinguishing signals. It is important only informative part of the spectrum for subsequent decision, therefore, it is important the ratio of the first and second starting points within the information spectrum, that is, the parameters of the processes after filtering, limiting range of processes, information and meaningful framework. It is shown that this ratio increases and, ultimately, enhances the reliability of the processing.

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Keywords Strongly fluctuating signals; the algorithm of signal processing; filtering signals; the timestructured linear-logic processing; the immunity; the distribution law; algorithms and schemes of signal processing; the density of probability of processes on the outputs of the detector; integrated distributions of processes; the first and second initial moments; values and dependences of the first and second initial moments.
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