Authors Yu.V. Yukhanov, T.Yu. Privalova, I.V. Merglodov
Month, Year 11, 2014 @en
Index UDC 621.396.677.3
Abstract This paper examines the conditions of maximum expansion of Van-Atta arrays working angular sector. The approximate formulas were obtained for the bistatic and monostatic scattering diagrams of such waveguide arrays with the excitation and propagation of both basic and higher types of waves in the paths connecting the emitters. Their contribution to the scattered field was analyzed. Estimated the required number of higher types of waves and conditions of their propagation to ensure the widest possible monostatic diagram. On basis of the performed analysis designs of multimode waveguide Van-Atta arrays with paths that provide non-dispersive transmission of fields between each pair of emitters were proposed. The possibility of implementing multimode mode for three-dimensional models of the antenna array is demonstrated. The scattering characteristics of two-dimensional and three-dimensional models of antennas are analyzed. Ttwo-element Van-Atta array based on three-mode waveguides, coupled by three coaxial lines, with ±450 working angular sector for the level of -3 dB is implemented.

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Keywords Array Van Atta; a single-mode array; multimode array; monostatic scatter diagram; bistatic scatter diagram.
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