Authors N.V. Shatsky, S.A. Golovan, A.G. Strizhak, V.N. Shatsky
Month, Year 11, 2014 @en
Index UDC 621.396.677
Abstract Extensive use of phased arrays in radar, higher requirements for immunity, implemented to ensure continuous monitoring of space make it necessary to develop new methods to control the antenna system. On the basis of the original approach and technical solutions, methodical approach to building the foundations of operational control small element PAR finder at DF objectives, both with known and unknown coordinates, providing independence from the operating mode of the finder are offered. The proposed control method is most effective to evaluate the health of phased antenna array with a small number of channels (as the number of elements increases the error in the determination of unknown parameters). This method has no restrictions and can be easily implemented in existing radio systems with modern systems of coherent signal distribution of sample rate, synchronization, lo and control signal and digital processing of radar signals.

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Keywords A phased array antenna; monopulse radar; directional pattern; cracks; object coordinates; range; target bearing; method of control; synchronous phase change.
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