Authors V.V. Orekhov, I.B. Abbasov
Month, Year 11, 2014 @en
Index UDC 744 (075.8)
Abstract Virtually in every sphere of material production, there is a need for modeling of future products. Today, digital technologies allow creating visual prototypes. Many application software packages allow calculating one or the other model. In addition to technical characteristic of future models, it is possible to get a visual performance in the smallest details, and obtain an aesthetically innovative appearance. The aim of this work is the creation of model visualization aircraft vehicles which is the result of developments in the field of industrial design. Work on building flying machines of this type are far perspectives work presents the modeling process prototype of ekranoplan. Brief the theoretical ski characteristics of the prototype. A gradual process of modeling fuselage and parts of the case is covered. Along with many packages of three-dimensional modeling, 3D StudioMAX allows to develop projects of almost any complexity. The establishment of the three-dimensional scene received a visual model of the aircraft, which will allow you to experiment with the color of the fuselage and parts of it, will allow for the completion of the three-dimensional model under the new tasks. In addition, the work can be useful to designers and dedicated specialists.

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Keywords Conceptual design; aircraft; ekranoplane (WIG); bionics; natural forms; fuselage contour; shaded model.
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