Authors V.P. Fedosov, A.V. Lomakina
Month, Year 11, 2014 @en
Index UDC 004.93’12, 004.93’14
Abstract At present days the growing use of means of wireless communications in information transfer networks is present. One of the main problems of developing wireless systems is necessity to increase the capacity and improve the quality of service for users (reduce the probability of error). A large number of scientific papers and articles devoted to solving them. However, methods to reach the required results have significant disadvantages. For example, the сapacity can be improved by expanding the frequency band or increasing the radiated power, which leads to a shortage of frequency resources and interference caused by the nonlinear distortions in the transmitter. This problem is especially relevant in mobile (cellular) communication systems and wireless computer networks working in difficult conditions of signal propagation. The article shows the research adaptive algorithm of MIMO-system (Multiply Input Multiply Output) of wireless access for mobile station receiver as a method to improve the characteristics of wireless communication (enhance bandwidth and decrease bit error rate).The article shows the study of adaptive algorithm MIMO-system (Multiply Input Multiply Output) wireless access for mobile station receiver as a method to improve the characteristics of wireless communication (increase bandwidth and reduce the bit error rate).

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Keywords MIMO; mobile station (MS); base station (BS); adaptation; bandwidth; bit error probability; antenna array (AA).
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