Authors D.S. Derachits, N.N. Kisel, S.G. Grishchenko
Month, Year 11, 2014 @en
Index UDC 621.396.96
Abstract Stability characteristics questions of the phase shifter in Four prototypes microstrip phase shifters performed on the serial communication circuit T-modules are discussed. Varactors BB-135 is used as the control. Comparison of the frequency characteristics of the S-parameters, VSRW for the test samples are made. The measurements were performed using a network analyzer PXIe-5632. Analysis of characteristics for all four prototypes of the phase shifter shows a high degree of repeatability of the research results from the layout to the layout. Processing of the experimental studies results carried out in the program FEKO. Variation in the characteristics of return loss from sample to sample is less than 0.4 dB, return loss phase response with graphic precision is the same for all variations of the control voltage to the varactors. Experimental characteristics have some oscillations due to parasitic coupling arising in the process of installation, as well as due to the presence of parasitic capacitances own lumped elements (varactors), but the level of oscillation is not large and does not degrade the performance of the phase shifter.

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Keywords Phase shifter; varactor; microstrip line; S-parameters; FEKO.
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