Authors V.Kh. Pshikhopov, M.Yu. Medvedev, A.E. Kulchenko
Month, Year 11, 2014 @en
Index UDC 629.73.015:533.6:519.711.3
Abstract The relevance of control algorithms development the autopilot of robotic helicopter complex is identified. The problem definition of control algorithms development is presented. The stages of the autopilot control algorithms development of robotic helicopter complex is presented. The general approach of position-trajectory control algorithms for vehicles is presented. To use position-trajectory control algorithms of small-scale single main rotor helicopter we need to solve three problems. These problems come from a small-scale single main rotor helicopter features. In the first problem the nonlinear equations to transform control forces to controls of actuators are considered. The diagram of transformation from controls to actuators’ analog signals is presented. The solution of the second problem results from definition of vehicle technical limitations. In the third problem controls distribution is considered. Regards number of helicopter controls and degrees of freedom, the same control channels control the helicopter velocities and attitude. In this paper we use the software-hardware complex for aerial vehicles simulation to validate control algorithms by numerical methods. The structure of the simulation complex is presented. We use simulation to make indoor validation of autopilot control algorithms synthesis procedure, to analyze its properties and define its performance in path-following accuracy with various wind disturbances. The results of simulation are presented. In the conclusions we discuss how to reduce the root mean square error of actual path and velocities.

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Keywords Helicopter; control system; algorithm; synthesis; simulation.
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