Authors N.A. Lookin
Month, Year 12, 2014 @en
Index UDC 004.2; 004.38; 621.38
Abstract There are many various kinds of supercomputers exists in the modern research and development activity. The supercomputers embedded into real-time systems are key components for high performance of these systems. Optimization of the architectures for embedded supercomputers is important for its top level application efficiency. Increase in performance by means of functional-oriented processors (FOP) including in the architectures of embedded supercomputers is a subject of our paper. The results of research and development of the certain kinds of FOP describes in the paper. It may be used for ASIC design. In particular technical parameters and brief description are given for the following FOP"s: table-algorithmic coprocessors for fast computations of mathematical functions with guaranteed accuracy; parallel FOP with SIMD architecture for implementation of the algorithms of air-vehicle correlation-extremal navigation; 2D-arrays containing a large number of bit-level processor elements; there are two types of the architecture of these arrays – 2D-SIMD and 2D-MIMD architectures for real-time image and signal processing.

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Keywords Functional-oriented processors; special-purpose parallelism; VLSI; complexity of computations; board control systems; homogenous computer environment.
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