Authors V.A. Gudkov, A.A. Gulenok, V.B. Kovalenko, A.I. Dordopulo
Month, Year 12, 2014 @en
Index UDC 004.382.2
Abstract The paper contains description of structures of soft-architectures, which are based on soft-processors and other dynamically reconfigured devices which allow creation of different computing structures, required for applications, without reprogramming of FPGAs, but using only program adjustment of their components. Soft-architectures have hierarchical structure. The top hierarchical level contains soft-architectures (SA), which consist of macro-objects. Macro-objects of the lower levels can consist of nodes and objects. Objects of the lowest hierarchical level are basic and indivisible units, used for creation of more complex elements of the architecture such as nodes and macro-objects. Owing to formalization of description of various SA elements we could develop a soft-architecture description language SADL, which contains structures for description of informational, control and synchronizing SA components. The developed SA description tools help to reduce the debugging time of applications for reconfigurable systems in 2–3 times in comparison with existing programming languages.

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Keywords Software-architecture; macro-objects; debugging; soft-processors; reconfigurable systems; PLD.
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