Authors A.V. Favorskaya, I.B. Petrov, N.I. Khokhlov, D.I. Petrov
Month, Year 12, 2014 @en
Index UDC 519.6
Abstract Currently the attention to development of Russian Arctic shelf occurs because of the need of seismic prospecting and subsequent digging of hydrocarbon deposits. It should be noted that seismic prospecting in shelf areas of the Arctic has a number of features, among which the presence of a layer of water and ice layer is. In this paper using grid-characteristic method numerical modeling of wave processes in acoustic and elastic media is made which includes shelf seismic prospecting. We consider problem definition, in which there are water, sea ground and the hydrocarbon layer, and another problem definition, in which there are ice, water, sea ground and the hydrocarbon layer. We solve systems of equations describing the state of the infinitesimal volume of continuous linear-elastic medium and the system of equations describing the acoustic field. We use grid-characteristic method to correctly take into account all the boundaries and contacts into the integration area. Also for the solutions of these problems the contact conditions at the boundary between the liquid and the solid layers have been developed.

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Keywords Grid-characteristic method; the mechanics of deformable solids; wave problems in coupled elastic-acoustic media; marine seismology; fluid-filled crack; structural acoustics.
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