Authors K.V. Andreev, E.Ya. Rubinovich
Month, Year 01, 2015 @en
Index UDC 519.283
Abstract UAV trajectory optimization problem for bearing-only measurements with digital elevation map support is considered. UAV performs both azimuth and elevation angles measurements. Two possible scenarios are considered: moving with constant velocity target along a road and on the Earth surface described by digital elevation map. UAV is assumed to fly with constant velocity and with pitch and yaw angles taken as control function. The first scenario utilizes a road parameterization as a single-parameter curve. The second scenario uses two parameters to describe the Earth surface. Kalman filter equations are written for both scenarios under assumption that parameterized road and Earth surface are continuous and piecewise smooth functions. The problem solution is based on Pontryagin’s maximum principle. Using this principle, an optimum control problem is reduced to two-point boundary problem with boundary conditions given at t=0 and t=T, where the mission time T is fixed and than solved numerically. When target moves along a single-parameter road curve, the received information amount is enough to get precise target motion parameters estimate and trajectory choice doesn’t affect the estimation precision. The most interesting case is a target moving along Earth surface. In this scenario the UAV performs maneuvers both with pitch and yaw control angles.

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Keywords UAV; Kalman filter; optimal control.
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