Authors B.V. Gurenko
Month, Year 02, 2015 @en
Index UDC 62-503.51: 62-531.4: 62-531.6
Abstract The article deals with docking and homing algorithms with an Underwater Based Station for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle. A brief description of the technical solutions in the field of under-water connections to mobile and stationary based station. Relevance disclosed this operation automatically. The generalized algorithm docking operation consist of two main phases: the AUV to move into the zone of the docking station without requiring the orientation and speed; AUV to pose in point of based station with requirements for orientation and speed of the AUV. For each of these phases of their proposed control algorithm based on position-trajectory approach to the control of moving objects, but taking into account the specifics of the control object. In the article, AUV has a main engine with thrust vector control and direction in the horizontal and vertical planes, and two thrusters (horizontal and vertical) in the bow of the machine. AUV homing and docking regulators were developed. While AUV was docking regulator solve the problem of positioning the mobile object with limit of control. A criterion for switching between homing and docking algorithms based on the Lyapunov stability criterion in the norm of the initial conditions was developed. The stability of closed-loop system using the proposed algorithms based on the Lyapunov stability theorem. The structure of the control system of AUV, including the proposed homing and docking autopilots and navigation equipment, was conceded. Propose algorithmic solutions confirmed by computer simulation of the behavior of the closed-loop system for solving the problem of homing and docking. The results of computer simulation confirmed the efficiency of the proposed algorithmic solutions.

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Keywords AUV; base station; control; constraint; homing; docking.
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