Authors V.V. Kureichik, Vl.Vl. Kureichik
Month, Year 02, 2015 @en
Index UDC 321.628
Abstract This article deal with one of the key problem of the computer aided design of the computer hardware such as the VLSI fragments placement within restricted area of chip. This problem belongs to NP-hard and NP-full class of the optimization problem. A combined approach to solution of the VLSI fragments placement problem is described in the article. The statement of the VLSI fragments placement problem is shown. The authors propose new search architecture on the basis of multi-level approach. The fundamental difference of the proposed approach is search process division into two stages. At each stage different methods are used. At the first stage of search the circuit compresses on the basis of the fractals aggregation mechanism. At the second stage a genetic algorithm is applied. It allows for effective transposition of VLSI fragments. This enables to parallelize the search process and get the optimal and quasi optimal solutions in a time comparable to the time of iterative algorithms implementation. The authors describe an example of the placement problem solution based on the fractals aggregation mechanism and genetic search. Computational experiments were carried out with the use of several benchmarks. The placement quality based on the combined search technique is higher at the average of 6.38 per cent if it is compared with the placement based on the well-known algorithms such as the Capo 8.6, Feng Shui 2.0, Dragon 2.23. Therefore we demonstrate the effectiveness of the suggested approach. Series of tests and experiments showed a perspective of this approach. The time complexity of the developed algorithms in the best case is represented by ≈O(nlogn) and in the worst case is represented by О(n3).

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Keywords Combined search; design; VLSI; genetic algorithm; fractals aggregation.
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