Authors S.G. Krutchinsky , E.A. Zhebrun
Month, Year 02, 2015 @en
Index UDC 621.372
Abstract To improve the basic quality indicators of optimal by the criterion of a minimum sensitivity passive ladder filters as IP blocks of mixed microelectronic systems we consider the problem of circuit design features precision super capacitances (D-elements).At the heart of the proposed problem solving principle is the cancellation that minimizes the parametric sensitivity of the main parameters of the electronic circuits to the unity gain frequency of operational amplifiers used to implement super capacitances. Topological implementation of these circuits associated with the connection of the differential inputs of these active components and auxiliary input, ensures the realization of its output given transfer function. It is shown that the development of the principle of self-compensation of operational amplifier unity gain frequency influence provides both self-compensation and cancellation of this influence not only on the attenuation, but also on D-element pole frequency. The implementation of this principle is connected with the introduction of additional feedbacks, which action is directed to the specified compensation and the alternation of signs of parametric sensitivity functions. The appropriateness of the use of multidifferential op amps in schemes of precision and high-frequency super capacitances is shown. In this case, the implementation of additional compensating feedback loop associated with cross connection of the differential inputs of the active elements. By implementing optimal Chebyshev "Drift free" low-pass 5th order filter we demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed design procedures and synthesized in the work broadband D-element circuit with multidifferential op amp. Shown results of the simulation of practical schemes for basic process SGB25VD, demonstrate that the proposed in the work solution provides almost an exact match of implemented ripple (0.313 dB) with the optimal (approximated) (0.25 dB).

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Keywords Super capacitance; D-element; multidifferential op amps.
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