Authors R.V. Saprykin
Month, Year 03, 2015 @en
Index UDC 004.896:004.853:519.876.5
Abstract Scientific research works in this area are very relevant due to growth of demand for intellectual mobile robots (IMRs) that can independently solve a wide area of tasks and mainly plan their movement in an unknown or partially unknown external environment. Primary application areas of such IMRs are related to working in unfriendly for human environments such as space and underwater exploration, monitoring of technological and natural disasters, etc. Bionic approach for building planning system for IMRs provides sufficient reliability and efficiency and simplifies implementation. From scientific and technical innovation point of view this work improves efficiency and extends abilities of the bionic method using neural network movement planners and algorithms to exchange mapping information and passability data for different environment areas between a group of IMRs. We analyzed different algorithms and their combinations that extend available abilities, eliminate restrictions posed by a restricted perception zone of IMRs, and improve the quality of external environment models using additional information about position and properties of certain areas/barriers in IMR working environment. We provide structural diagrams and describe software implementation of different types of information communication between IMRs. We also modelled these algorithms based on specially designed tools that can quickly change initial experiment conditions, monitor and configure different settings of used algorithms. Modelling tools provide an easy user interface and 3D-image of the modelling process.

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Keywords Intellectual mobile robot; mapping; bionic planning system; self-learning; communication.
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