Authors V.V. Kureichik, D.V. Zaruba, D.Y. Zaporozgets
Month, Year 04, 2015 @en
Index UDC 004.896
Abstract One of the most important tasks of design is the partitioning of ECE schemes components problem. The problem belongs to the class of NP-hard and NP-full problem. So, to solve it in polynomial time, it is reasonable to developed new heuristics methods to find optimal and quasi optimal solutions. The authors described the classical problem statement and formulated a optimization criterion. It is proposed new bioinspired approach to solve the partitioning of ECE schemes components problem on the basis of the modified graph coloring. The developer bioinspired search architecture based on the evolutionary approach applying. Modification of the method consists in implementation of modified coloring of the graph corresponding to the ECE schemes components. A modified partitioning algorithm was developed. This algorithm enabled to the authors to obtain solutions the specified accuracy in polynomial time. An example the problem solution was described. For experimental studies a software environment that implements the proposed algorithm was developed. A set of experiments allowed to specify the theoretical time complexity that is approximately О(n2).

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Keywords Design; optimization; partitioning of ECE schemes components; bioinspired search; genetic algorithm.
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