Authors A.M. Svetlichnyy, M.N. Grigoriev, M.V. Demyanenko, I.L. Jityaev
Month, Year 04, 2015 @en
Index UDC 621.373.8.002
Abstract Graphene is used as the gas sensitive layer of the gas sensor. Graphene films grown on semiconductive 6H–SIC by vacuum thermal degradation, enables to obtain of high quality films all along surface of the substrate. Topological pattern of the gas sensor was obtained after the plotting of dielectric film Al2O3 on top of the 6H–SIC through a mask, vacuum annealing at a temperature of 1300–14000C and manufacturing contacts to graphene. Gas sensitivity of the sensor and the dynamic characteristics was research and the dependence of desorption of NH3 and (CH3)2CH(OH) vapors from the sensor temperature was plotted for graphene films prepared at different temperatures. It was demonstrated, that graphene films obtained at an annealing temperature 13000C has almost two times higher sensitivity to NH3 at a concentration 100 ppm compared to the samples obtained at the annealing temperature 14000C. Sensitivity of graphene films to (CH3)2CH(OH) vapours at a concentration 100 ppm was almost four times higher compared to the samples obtained at the annealing temperature 14000C. The obtained results allow us to conclude that the obtained sensor elements are promising for the detection of small amounts of investigated gases.

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Keywords Gas sensor; graphene; silicon carbide; desorption.
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