Authors A.S. Sviridov, V.S. Lazarev
Month, Year 04, 2015 @en
Index UDC 004.422
Abstract The basic abstraction of actions which process of development is described in this article represents system of the actions directed on achievement of the purpose. The single actions entering into this system consist of elements over which some function, by means of some tool is carried out. As an example of basic abstraction of actions the basic abstraction of actions for performance of mathematical operations was created. The paper describes the process of creating this abstraction in the programming language PHP. The choice of language is made by virtue of easy-to-understand syntax, support for object-oriented programming, and web - oriented. In parallel, it can be concluded about how this programming language is best for creating basic abstractions. Just basic abstraction of action to implement mathematical operations created on the basis of object-oriented language features. In fact, the task was to analyze how the possibility of programming language and object-oriented technology suitable for the implementation of an abstraction action. The analysis of the first prototype implementation of the actions shown to be ineffective because of the inability to re-use this code but pushed to the use of classes. One class for the implementation of the basic abstraction action was not enough, and it was decided to develop a class structure that implements the basic abstraction of action to implement mathematical operations in the programming language PHP. Class structure that implements the basic abstraction of action has been implemented according to the requirements, but with elements of empiricism. After finishing the construction of the class structure and its development prospects have been identified for further research in this direction.

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Keywords Development of information systems; mathematical operations; abstraction; PHP programming language.
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