Authors I.N. Pashchenko, V.I. Vasilyev, M.B. Guzairov
Month, Year 05, 2015 @en
Index UDC 004.735
Abstract The important stage in development of modern Russian and the whole world energy technology is implementing the new generation of intelligent energy nets Smart Grids. However, both national and foreign literature focuses on the Smart Grid design and implementing issues, but insufficient attention is paid to information security issues in these intelligent nets. This paper describes the first stages of Smart Grid security system design based on intelligent approach – rule base design on the basis of Smart Grid security ontology. This information security ontology was developed on the basis of two domain ontologies junction – Gridpedia and Cybersecurity ontology in energetics. There was a regrouping of the main ontologies classes and adding new classes and properties during the junction process. Such approach allowed us not to do all the work from the very beginning, but to do it with the accordance to developments of other specialists. Except the Smart Grid information security ontology development, two methods were used for rule base forming. These methods were developed according to the international group of standards ISO/IEC 27000. They were used for design of the tables containing basic Smart Grid information security threats, security system requirements and security controls allowing decreasing risks of security threats realization. To prove the efficiency of proposed security countermeasures, the possibility of risk management in Smart Grid nets with use of offered countermeasures set is shown.

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Keywords Intelligent energy net; information security system; ontology; information risks; rule base.
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