Authors E.N. Tishenko, K.A. Butsik, V.V. Derevyashko
Month, Year 05, 2015 @en
Index UDC 004.771
Abstract The article describes the concept and logical model of a trusted network boot for operating system image to prevent insider’s attacks. The model is developed for existing automated systems of client-server architecture with terminal access, built on thin client technology (PXE network boot and link 100 / 1000Base-TX). The article presents the results of the analysis of traditional models and methods of a trusted network boot and insider’s opportunities for their deception. Traditional model means the use of specialized software and hardware software modules of trusted boot, as well as modification of software BIOS (UEFI). For each method (model) are determined an actual directions (vectors) insider"s attacks that determines a disadvantages of this method. The conception and technological state of a new model of trusted network boot without such deficiencies are defined as the analysis results. The basis of the new model is control of time slots of regular requests exchanging between the workstation and the server. The new model is based on a peripheral network modules and a central controller in conjunction with workstations and servers respectively. This method allows you to control the state of the firewall and the network boot server and provides blocking network traffic of protected sites of the automated system in case of activity characteristic of insider attacks. The research findings indicate: a) structure and technology of the new model realization; b) algorithm of the new model; c) examples of neutralizing insider"s attacks that are successful in case of using of traditional models and methods.

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Keywords “Thin-client”; terminal operating system; trusted (secure) network boot; peripheral network module; special network controller; non-cryptographic methods of information security.
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