Authors R.V. Semin, V.A. Novosiadlyi
Month, Year 05, 2015 @en
Index UDC 004.771
Abstract Nowadays, computer security in computer networks is of great importance. Password leaks show that even if one construct a good security network there is always a possibility of security penetration due to weak passwords or password policy. Active security audit and its main tool – penetration testing – are capable of detecting weak points in password security. The process of active audit faces a number of issues that can affect audit results by causing false failures. One of the main issues is the usage of proxy servers. The goals of the article is to study the process of active password audit and to create a mathematical model that takes into account the probability of false failures and minimizes them. The mathematical model defines the probability of “failed” and “success” attempts of penetration tests using a random variable that shows the probability of parallel successful connections via proxy server. We assume it to have Gaussian distribution and find its EV and standard deviation on an experimental basis. Using the constructed model, we can find the maximum amount of successful connections per second at the exact time of day in order to maximize the speed of penetrations tests while having minimum amount of false failures.

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Keywords Active audit; penetration testing; mathematical model; proxy server connection; remote audit.
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