Authors S.V. Polikarpov, K.E. Rumyantsev, A.A. Kozhevnikov
Month, Year 05, 2015 @en
Index UDC 004.853
Abstract One of effective ways of neutralization of the whole layer of methods of cryptanalysis of block cryptoalgorithms is application of dynamically changing substitutions. Approach on the basis of pseudo-dynamic substitutions (PD-sbox) allows to combine strengths of the fixed substitutions (high speed of work and efficiency of use of computing resources) and dynamic substitutions (neutralization of statistical methods of cryptanalysis). The purpose of research – to develop a technique of determination of linear properties of pseudo-dynamic substitutions for further confirmation of their target application in block cryptoalgorithms. In the work expressions for determination of linear properties of pseudo-dynamic substitutions (PD-sbox) for two cases are obtained: 1) when values of a condition of S are fixed and are set by a cryptographic key; 2) when values of a condition of S dynamically change under the influence of entropy of entrance information and results of the previous transformations. Primary analysis of expression allowed to draw conclusions, fair for a case of the fixed values of a condition of S: 1) at real application of PD-sbox with parameters of bits and complexity of a problem of obtaining a full matrix of values can exceed complexity of full search of keys of cryptoalgorithm; 2) the complexity of a set of the demanded statistics for determination of values of a condition of S at linear cryptanalysis as the quantity of the entrance combinations given on PD-sbox input is limited to dimension of an input of X and makes against possible conditions of S; 3) partial or complete masking of a contribution of input values X in values matrixes at its calculation. The offered method of calculation of linear properties allows to estimate linear properties of all ensemble of the generated substitutions. This favourably distinguishes this work from most of work on the application of key-depended substitutions and dynamic substitutions in cryptographic algorithms.

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Keywords Linear cryptanalysis; dynamic substitution; pseudo-dynamic substitution PD-sbox.
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