Authors S.N. Nikolsky, I.F. Surgenko
Month, Year 07, 2013 @en
Index UDC 681.322
Abstract The relation “goal-result” is analyzed, the analysis is made on the base of ontological approach, it is shown, that this relation is in analogy with semantic relation “expression-meaning”. The importance of the concept of "purpose" for the development of the scientific point of view on the problem of differences between "alive" from the "not alive" noted by N. Viner, P.K. Anohin, R. Akoff and other researchers, whose work is the basis for continued research in the field of synthesis of intellectual , developing systems. However, the philosophical sense of purpose strongly complicated application of this important concept for the practice of synthesis of intellectual  dynamic systems as long as M. Mesarovich not defined the goal as a problem of decision making.

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Keywords Purposeful behavior; relation “goal-result”; semantical relation “expression-meaning”; intellectual dynamic systems.
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